Episode 51 – More Nerd Talk feat. Deezy, Kworld, & DC

We’ve got the lads Deezy, Kworld, and DC on the podcast. We’re talking about Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road video by Calmatic. Talmbout where we think the Marvel cinematic universe as well. A lil bit of mortality. We’re also talking about other stuff so like uhh… muhfuggin’ listen.

Episode 50 – Metal Gear Jacob’s 9/11 Virtuous Mission

Listen up!!

EPISODE 50! (dancehall_airhorns.wav)

We’ve got Joe’s brother Jacob for this milestone episode. We’re talking about Game of Thrones, a little Avengers Endgame, and stories with Jacob. We all recount where we were on 9/11 and Jacob details how he ended up in ground zero. We’ve got two quiz shows for y’all. Joe vs Jacob, Science vs Game of Thrones as well.

Episode 43 – Dr. Leadership feat. Gigi

oi oi oi we’re back again with another new episode! We’ve got Nemo’s cousin Gigi guest starring tonight! Gigi tells us about her work in non-profit fundraising and the efficacy of employers viewing employees holistically. We also talk about some of the candidates for the 2020 presidential race, memes, crunch, game workers unions, Sesame Street vs Muppets, gays in Dubai, #metoo, what to do with our bodies when we die, and hella more shit!


Episode 41 Bonus Content – Domestic Pigs & Mad Libs w/ Deezy, Gabriel, & Kate

We’ve got Joe’s old roommates from the Bay Area visiting and playing madlibs with us. Gabriel has a cool story about a literal pig (it’s pretty funny).

Here’s a sample of the bts content you get when you donate to the Nemo Joe Show on Patreon! Hit the link to check it out!

Episode 41 – Clapping Death’s Cheeks feat. DeezyVonDoom

Howdy folks and welcome to 2019! We’ve got another Nemo Joe Show for you but this one is a cross over episode! We’ve got Deezy from the Nemo Bro Show visiting today and we’re shooting the shit with today’s topics:

The Pump Plan (Success through Corporate Viral Memeing)
Snoozye – Mute Kanye West on the social medias
Facebook vs Black People – FB f*cking up again
N-Pop – the N isn’t for Ninja
Cop vs Crackhead Army – New York’s gotta New York
Wu Tang Streets – NY updates their maps for the Wu
Florida Man – bites a sausage over Dragonball and goes to jail

& more!

Also, a special shoutout to one of my pops who looked death in the eye and clapped it (20 minutes in)

Episode 39 – End of Horny on Main

What up yall it’s the 39th episode of the Nemo Joe Show and we still on our bullshit!

We’re talking about food for the rainy weather, the 2018 game awards, long neck vs wide neck, the new earl album, and SMASH ULTIMATE!. Also talking about Sesta Fosta aka the End of Horny on Main. The essential shutdown of tumblr is just signs of things to come. They’re coming for all social media next. It not just a war on nipples but also against art & free expression.

Save womens’ right to be females presenting nipples on the internet here:

Listen to mee music, mate:
Nehemiahxnehemiah – Lilith-wave

Nemo Bro Show – Savvy Topless Trump riding a Suicine aka Anime, Politics, Racism, Suicide

This is the last Nemo Bro Show under this title. We’ve got Kevin, Deezy, and KatsuoWorld on the podcast. We talk about Kanye, Don Lemon, people changing, white nationalist terrorists, institutionalized racism, Donald Trump’s racism, willful ignorance, classism, dark & gritty anime, Goblin Slayer, Fate Stay Night, Fate Stay Moon, Tower of God, Hunter x Hunter, Devilman Crybaby and One Piece laughs and shit.


Trigger warning: We talk about mental illness & suicide again. Someone says a slur in context of an argument.


Episode 34 – A Gang of Conspiracy Orcas feat. Bri from the Bri & Friends Podcast

What is this? A Crossover episode?!

Our guest this week is Bri Simmons: Nehemiah’s old vocal coach!
We’re talking about our favorite conspiracy theories and judging which ones sound legit and which ones need to quit.

Bri has her own awesome podcast, Bri & Friends: @brinfriends

Episode 32 – What Up, It’s Micah feat Micah

32nd episode in this muhfucka.

Joe is on the road with another guest from his New York days!
We’ve got Micah, Joe’s old friend from high school. He’s got stories about young Joe and about their experience with their transition.


Episode 31 – Cats on the Tracks Feat. Jacob

Yo, it’s the 31st episode of the Nemo Joe Show!

We out here!

Joe is on a roadtrip with his family and we’ve got his brother Jacob as our special guest. We talk about all the shits; Bret Kavanaugh, the legal system, corruption in America, by-partisanship, and crazy cat stories. Give it a listen, kick back & enjoy!

Oh and leave some muthafuckin comments, muthafucker

Episode 23 – #Blessers #Blessed – Beijing & Hip Hop ft. Angie

Joe’s on break in Beijing with today’s guest: Angie.

We talk about:

South African teacher in Beijing (2nd grade) 2yrs
Hip-hop roots / downfall
Traveling eurotrip
Men, marriage, romance
African rapes / murders
Men’s role in society

Nemo Bro Show – “You Uncultured Swine!” aka Fat Nigga Problems, Parenting, Generation Z & Life Shit

Nemo, Keezy, and Deezy talk about life and shit again.

We talk about POC problems and socioeconomic problems revolving around basic shit like eating healthy & exercising.

We identify which ones of us are Atlanta characters (NO SPOILERS).

We talk about parenting styles. How transparent do you want to be with your kids and vis-à-vis? Would you have a conversation with your kid while you’re dropping a deuce?

We also talk about Generation X & Millennials & Generation Z.

Comics, arts, motivations & shit. Keezy tells his god-roll for his iPad & iPencil.

Give it a listen.

Episode 14 – Edging the Vote

Nemo and Joe talk about all the hot-button issues, you best believe it! We talk about reasons why you should vote and provide some protips on how to keep yourself abreast of who you’re supporting. We also talk about the chocolate vanilla swirl and how it’s not the only blended milkshake on the menu.

Nehemiah also curses a bunch.

Episode 13 – The One About Infinity War ft. Keezy & Deezy

Joe is out of town doing stuff in other countries & shit so Nemo called some guests to fill in: Keezy and Deezy.

We talk about black nerd shit: rap, comics, shoes, Marvel’s Infinity War in the MCU, real love, mark ass busters, and a bunch of other stuff.