Episode 41 – Clapping Death’s Cheeks feat. DeezyVonDoom

Howdy folks and welcome to 2019! We’ve got another Nemo Joe Show for you but this one is a cross over episode! We’ve got Deezy from the Nemo Bro Show visiting today and we’re shooting the shit with today’s topics:

The Pump Plan (Success through Corporate Viral Memeing)
Snoozye – Mute Kanye West on the social medias
Facebook vs Black People – FB f*cking up again
N-Pop – the N isn’t for Ninja
Cop vs Crackhead Army – New York’s gotta New York
Wu Tang Streets – NY updates their maps for the Wu
Florida Man – bites a sausage over Dragonball and goes to jail

& more!

Also, a special shoutout to one of my pops who looked death in the eye and clapped it (20 minutes in)

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